Sony Dolby Atmos SSCSE Speaker Review

All About the Sony SSCSE Speakers

The Sony SSCSE Speakers do not replace the normal front and right speakers in a surround sound setup. Instead it can be placed in a variety of ways, I have it placed on top of my front left and right speakers firing up at the ceiling. This is used to simulate the overhead sound that can be found in more expensive setups.

Adding these speakers to your surround sound setup does not make a massive difference if I’m being honest, (which I am), but it does make everything sound more complete and full. If you are an “audiophile” or you just like things that sound nice you will appreciate what it does offer.

I have not tried mounting these above my front and right speakers, which is one of the many configurations. So I do not know what the different sound configurations are like.

I personally use the Onkyo TX-NR686 7.2 Receiver. It creates great sound and can be used for either 7.2 or 5.1.2 which the extra .2 on the end signifies the two extra Dolby Atmos speakers.

  • 10cm full range speaker system
  • 100W per channel
  • Frequency range: 70 Hz – 32,000 Hz
  • Dimensions: 7 1/8” x 5 ¾” x 7 ½”
  • 1lb
Includes in the box:
  • 2) Speakers
  • (4) Mounting Bracket
  • (8) Mounting Screw (small)
  • (2) Wall Mount Bracket
  • (2) Mounting Screw (large)
  • (8) Non-slip pad
  • (4) Wall mount pad
  • (1) Start-up guide



Hey guys welcome to the video it is  video tech dude as you can see in the  background and we are rocking the flat Cinna 3 mode with the crazy settings  we’re gonna see what we can do with the color grading boom I don’t know maybe  something cool. Just a thought but we are here we got the Sony speaker pretty cool  right here it is the Sony model number SS CSE pretty cool this is an up firing kind of speaker it’s matte for Dolby Atmos to be used with Dolby Atmos obviously it’s cool I use it in my home theater setup or I got a 5.1 surround sound system but then I got two of these bad babies on here if there is such a thing as bad babies I don’t know but that’s up to you to find out and for me to know I don’t know.

 Anyways but yeah these are  super cool these grilles come off just like boom what what I didn’t even know that happened but boom we got speakers oh my god touch it yes boom preposterous I know you weren’t gonna  believe that was undo that but I did but anyways. This is a pretty cool speaker I like it I don’t think it adds really that much to the whole sound setup but I do think it adds a nice more full sound  to the whole sound stage and well yeah I mean I got some speakers or one speaker right back here and one to the side here my back right left but this is this is meant to go on top of your front left and right speakers it doesn’t replace  the front left and right so you have to have a special receiver kind of like the uncoil one it’s the and our 686. I believe is what I have and it is super cool produces super cool sound.

These are some of the more cheap and kind of dope we have most speakers but they are pretty heavy when I picked these up at Best Buy they were surprisingly heavy and I was like what what is in here just a bunch of rocks I know it was these speakers plus some additional mounting brackets which is pretty cool but yep that’s about it I mean into speaker we got your traditional black and red little ports right there black and red and yep and we got a little funny mountain situation right here. It did come with some brackets so you can mount it like this way on a wall or this way or that way or really however you like I mean it’s it’s your speakers up to you plus we got a cool little mounting right here so they can just throw it on a tripod I mean don’t throw it just set it on there just kinda rotate it shouldn’t have done that but you know that’s  whatever you know every spirit you know I’m just gonna pop that back on there and boom.

 I mean one thing to note is that this is a black grill and so little Dusty’s dusty Westies will land on there too and you’ll gonna have to deal with that unless you just like your stuff covered with dust but you know awesome  little facts about this speaker is it has a rated impedance of 6 36 so upside down you would use I don’t know and then we do have a maximum input power of 100 watts it’s like why would you even need that but I don’t know but anyways that’s pretty much it about this speaker I mean it’s pretty cool I think the pair of two of them was  about a hundred dollars but you know the prices are always changing you know inflation deflation reflation explication interpretation of inflation I don’t even know I don’t know anyways have a good one see you later and yeah I got rainbows in the background rainbows in the background boom pretty cool well have a good ones you later have a good  day boom peace out I’m out I’m going I’m leaving.

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