Samsung Galaxy A20 Review

The Samsung A20 Smartphone Review

Hey, it’s videotechdude here. I’m going to be telling you my impressions on the Galaxy A20.

The Samsung Galaxy A20 is a more budget phone but it has a nice look to it as it has the bezel-less design with a v-notch camera indent on the front of the phone, which is what Samsung calls it is a v-notch. It’s pretty nice and it’s not that obtrusive which is a nice feature.

On the bottom you do have a headphone jack so if you’re looking for a headphone jack on a phone, then this one has got one. More and more modern phones don’t really have them, so if you’re looking for it we got one right here. 

This phone only has one speaker on the bottom so it can be easier to cover up and muffle the sound if you’re listening to music or watching a video. Also in the middle of the phone, we have the power button. It’s a little weird that the power button is in the middle for me personally. There’s also a fingerprint sensor on the back so you can register your fingerprint and get in a little quicker. You can all see all the fingerprints on the back of the phone as well… 

One cool feature of this phone is it has the Dual lens system which is located on the back corner. It also has a flash right below the cameras as well. One of the cameras is the normal camera and the other one is the ultra-wide camera, for more of a wide shot. I think this is a feature that most phones don’t have. I think it’s super cool they threw it in. 

One thing that I like is this phone feels pretty premium in the hand, I mean I’m going to be putting a case on this phone or always ruins the feel of a device. I’m pretty sure it is still plastic on the back but it feels really nice. 

One super cool feature with this phone is the battery life it has a pretty good battery life and also it has even better battery life if you aren’t touching it. If you just leave it alone it won’t drain that fast. I did a test where I left it unplugged overnight. I took note of what percentage it was that night and then when I woke up in the morning it had only dropped 3% after 7 hours of time being left alone. This was really impressive although I don’t have a lot of apps on the phone. It still impressed me quite a bit. I haven’t seen much lag on this phone yet! It is pretty nice so far. It has worked pretty well.

A super cool feature with this phone, which I didn’t realize until I drove into the settings. is that you can actually pair this with a Samsung tablet as well. You can actually link them together using your Samsung account and then you can receive texts and calls on the tablet, but it all goes through the phone so that’s super cool. If you would like to try this make sure the tablet has this feature as well. The A20 starts around $250 but if you can get it used you can get it even cheaper. That’s a super good opportunity to get this phone for pretty cheap. 

Some people say you can get a better performance phone for even cheaper than this one but one counter-argument to that is that this phone can get the most recent and latest software updates from Samsung which the older phones won’t be able to get. That’s one reason to get the latest phone, but if you don’t care about the latest software then you can get older phones that could maybe be more powerful than this device. I personally think it’s always good to get a device that has the latest software in it because then you get the latest security patches and the latest features. I’m always excited to find new features and to get new features on my devices it’s something that makes it fresh and keeps them going.

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