JBL Flip 5 Unboxing and Review

About the JBL Flip 5

This video covers all the features and specs of the JBL Flip 5 speaker. I share the pros and cons and also my personal experience with the JBL Flip 5 speaker. This portable speaker has definitely come in handy! Put a comment down below if you have any questions. Pick up the JBL Flip 5 Speaker on


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Today we are unboxing and reviewing the JBL Flip 5 speaker I’m going to be going over the pros cons and my personal experience with the speaker over the past two weeks. I am videotechdude and welcome to the channel where I released text videos monthly to keep you informed of some of my favorite tech. If that sounds good to you, make sure to hit the Subscribe button and hit the bell icon if you want to be informed of my future videos. Now let’s get unboxing this speaker, so I got a pretty good deal on this speaker I got this as a Christmas gift for myself not going to lie, I’m not lying, and I did not regret it. I actually got two of these. We got a nice presentation here of some foam material, but I got two of these for $50. They’re usually around $127 each a little crazy but not too bad. I got my videotechdude custom brand sticker on there too, and then also in the Box, we got a small box with this nice kind of thoughtful design on it. This has the instruction manual. A little flip five instruction manual gear a couple of other warning manuals, the pocket that you’re not supposed to eat, and then we also got the charging cable, which is a USB type-c cable. It does not include the wall brick charger to plug it into the wall so you can plug this into maybe a laptop or an already existing power brick adapter to charge the speaker. 


So this is the JBL Flip 5 speaker it’s a pretty nice design we got a nice metallic JBL logo on the front. We got our buttons on the top here you got an increase to subtract volume or decrease it and then our play pause button which I’m pretty sure you can double-tap it, and it will skip to the next song. Then we got our party boost button. This is if you want to link multiple these speakers together, which I have done. It’s extremely easy I didn’t even think it was working at first, but that’s just because the volume was low I just turned it up, and it works instantaneously super cool. Then we got on the back a power button which let’s turn this baby on. We got the classic JBL sinking and turning on sound which I always liked, and on the back here we have a or we have the USB type-c port which is used to charge it. Having a b USB type-c makes it so that this can be a lot more water-resistant with her having to have a rubber gasket what goes on over there. That is pretty useful we also have a little indicator light that will light up right here as well also a big bass driver that separates JBL from a lot of other portable speakers is it has these cool bass driver sides on the side right here. I have the JBL Flip 3 actually, and it’s a big improvement from the JBL Flip 3 for sure. Especially on the low ends, you do get a nice deeper end, obviously don’t feel it vibrating through the whole body, I mean, unless you’re holding the speaker than maybe, but it’s an improvement. I’m glad upgrade it’s going to be in my bag and also with this speaker it’s actually a little bit bigger than the previous generation and with the JBL Flip 3. I was actually able to store it in a topless like sunglass compartment of my backpack but this is a little too big to store in there. So I kind of just have to like throw it in the bag and let’s hope it’s all good which is pretty durable so it will be good to go. Just a thing to know so this speaker has 12 hours of playtime that’s the battery life and can last up to now this speaker weighs approximately 1.19 lb and it takes about 2 and 1/2 hours to charge the battery to charge fully, and it does have a nice auto power-off feature which will save you a lot of battery if you’re not using it for a certain amount of time. Now another thing to note about the speaker is that it does not have an AUX port. So you’ll have to only pair through Bluetooth is the only thing that you’re not to do to pair it which is super easy but it’s still a little inconvenient to not have that option available to you like you did on the JBL Flip 3. That also helps is so it waterproof the speaker up at 3m. This speaker also doesn’t have any built-in voice Integrations like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, and so that’s something to note, but it also makes it, so it keeps it at a smaller price point.


I was invited to a New Year’s party, and we were trying to watch this game or play this game on their surround sound system and their projector, but the system wasn’t syncing with my laptop, and so it was really weird but I just whipped out my speaker which I had with me, and I was able to pair it. Then I just used the speaker to sit on the couch, and everybody was able to hear the audio pretty well, actually so well that I had to turn down the speaker because it gets pretty loud. So that was a super nice time to have the JBL Flip 5 speaker. 

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